Sunday, February 15, 2015

Changing of the Gravel Guard

After 12 years I am taking a walk on the wild side by leaving Simms and moving my wading boots choice to Patagonia. After looking around and searching, trying on several different styles and brand
I really liked the cut and styling of the Patagonia Lightweight "Sticky" Wading Boots.

Here is the press release from Patagonia:

Boats and trucks can only take you so far; you have to make it the rest of the way to fish on your 
own two feet. When the trail gets long, your Ultralight Wading Boots keep a spring in your step all the
way there and back. The lightweight , quick-drying synthetic leather upper is flexible yet tough enough
to handle years of hard use. Extremely durable Veregy mesh with bionic yarns drains the footbed while keeping the sand and silt out, making the Ultralight an ideal fishing boot. The internal support and reinforced  toe box protect feet from deep-water pressure and rocky river bottoms. Long wearing Rock Grip sticky rubber soles hold fin straps, accept studs, and can be re-soled for extended life.

Hopefully they live up to the billing of that some many have given them. Look forward to giving them a try .
All in need to do now to get some spikes drilled into them next. I really have gotten spoiled using them
as of late. Sure is nice getting a few pieces of gear.

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