Friday, February 6, 2015

SALT, Short and Sandals

Well Ms. Floatfisher and I kicked off the 2015 season with a great day today in the San  Diego Bay.
Does not get any better with short and sandals and shooting heads. As you can see the morning started out with a beautiful sunrise.
 The bay offers a pluthera of great small to medium sized fish, nothing overwhelming, but absolutely
great way to spend the morning casting clouser styler flies. All fishing was done with 6 and 7wt. rods,  matching it with either a 250 or 350 grain shoot head.
 We caught croaker, spotted bass, bay bass, mackerel, just a few more to add to our list of fish caught on the flyrod.
 Fished next to the 32nd Street bridge and the Navy Seal training base, was cool to see the these 
badasses out doing there training as the drill sergeants were hollering ! Was also pretty cool to see the shipyards and all the aircraft carriers, warships and other boats in for work. Fishing right by them.
 Holy Mackerel!

What can I say, another great day for Mr. and Ms. Floatfisher. 

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