Monday, March 9, 2015

Back In the Saddle

What a fantastic weekend to get back in the rowers seat and get on the river. The "first" trout trip of the year, and the latest in the year it has been to get on the river for Floatfisher. With work, weather and other family obligations taking precedence , it is just the way it worked out. 

None the less, the opening trip did lived up to the expectations, as I would have expected. As always, I am always excited for every trip and just mentioning fishing gets the blood pumping. Not only catching a couple of trouts, but snapping a couple of photo's to boot. That would make more of my day.
It did not come without the excitement of forgetting a couple to most important items that you need to make the trip a success, but as I always say, that's why they have fly shops, we need more stuff we already have.
Bluebirds days, warmed the waters and got the bugs and fish moving mid morning.

I have posted this fly numerous times over the years, but once again the Kingery's Black Ice,
was the proven winner. Hung below a Barr's Tungstone, this was a pretty deadly combo along the edges and mid riffles. 
Keep Em Wet- The theme of the year
Ms. Floatfisher was back in the saddle and putting me on fish run after run. I am a lucky chicken.

Oh, so nice to have the Hyside back on the water again. Let the season begin.

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