Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scene's from the Ditch # 479

Corrals from the past at the boat launch. Some of my favorite area, in the " banana belt".

After spending the past 13 years fishing this great river we finally took the time to visit the remains
of the Old Ohio-Colorado Smelting and Refining Mill and Stack. Not much remains of the mill other than the 365' smoke stack , pretty neat to read about it, and 264 rail cars of bricks that went into the structure. Definitely a landmark that stands out as you drive into the valley.
Everyone once in a while you need to pull over and watch some crazy folks run a rapid in which no 
Occupants are wearing life jackets and all are slamming beers. While a fan of having a cool beverage or gin and tonic, this rapid it just plan foolish to run with now safety devices. 

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