Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oh Baby ............ Gonga

 With the 12-17" of snow that fell the day before, I was hoping for a little more of the nasty, overcast 
weather to bring on the streamer bite. The past couple of weeks, just have not been there, but he dry fly fishing has, so one cannot complain.
Well back to the days fishing, waking to the hopeful day, only to forget that the 15" inches of snow and ice would be waiting in the boat to be scooped out and removed before any fishing would be done.
Being smarter than the average bear,we decided to head up river to the car wash and put hot water to work and remove the ice and snow. A mere 6.75 later and 12 minutes, along with a stop for breakfast,
we were back on track.
Blue skies graced us, much to my dismay, we trudged on , hell bent to make streamers work anyway.
Having slight color to the water, was certainly a help, but it took many changes until we found the pattern the fish would not leave alone.
Damn , yet another Charlie Craven pattern that railed fish all morning long. 
If you have not fished the Baby Gonga Pattern is worth tying or buying as it along with the Dirty Hippy is a proven fish catching machine. The Baby has two hooks in the body, and no fish that hits the fly, escapes. Not only did we bring many to the net, the chases were incredible.
Another great morning on the ditch, nice to see a little snow and moisture.

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