Monday, May 18, 2015

Ditch Digitals

Early bird gets the worm, No you get rewarded handsomely with fish to the boat.
So, where the hell you where this morning at 5:45 ? We took advantage of very low light and very aggressive fish on feed chasing streamers to string together a pretty fantastic 3 hours of fishing.

Some very nice fish to the boat this weekend, as the old and new favorites fly
patterns proved to be the standby's in low-light. Each foam pocket, undercut bank and v-cut 
between rocks seem to hold fish. different from normal, the fisher were chasing, slashing and eating
the fly out 8-12 feet from the bank, very aggressive.

Caught a few more rainbows than normal, which was nice, as they were very fat,
healthy and colored up. Hoping to get a couple more days in before the ditch blows out for the next month or so… Fingers crossed..

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