Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life on the Ditch

The weatherman has been pretty accurate as of late, and this past weekend was no different. With heavy rain and snow forecasted forecasted for the front range, cooler weather, rain and snow was also
a great possibility on the river.

From the pictures below, mother nature did not disappoint. Mother's Day morning on the river was
stunning. May snow storms are alway beautiful, as the tree's have budded, foliage is greening, and the landscape is gorgeous.
A little morning java in the Howler Bros. - Dawn Patrol  mug. Oh bailey's and coffee is alway a great kickstart to a fishing morning.
The morning sun trying to poke through the heavy dense clouds. Sure made for a beautiful 
sight, but would not last very long, and gave way to a few more  snow showers.
Forgot to mention the fishing was not bad either, however, I must admit, the photo taking was far better over the weekend. Sometimes you just have to make choices, I did..
Life is short, Live hard......

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