Monday, May 4, 2015

Time to Make Hay…..

Looks like the start of the fluctuation of runoff is starting it's pulsating thump around the state, just a week or two early. Hoping to get another week out of the Colorado we made the right choice by bagging our trip and picking a different river. As you can see by the graphs below, did we ever make the right move. A nice 2000 CFS move over Saturday and Sunday.

Not nearly the same drastic move but up almost 900 CFS. Water had marginal clarity last weekend, sure it went to hell this weekend.
The Eagle also decided to join the game, and spiked a little. 
 The Gunnison stair stepped up a little so it probably isn't in to bad of shape and still worth a trip over, especially with the cold front coming through the next few days. With rain and overcast weather in the forecast, streamers would be in the forecast.
Time to get out and make the best of it in the next couple of weeks, then it would be time for 
stillwater fishing or time off. Make it count….

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