Monday, May 11, 2015

Water on the Rise

With the weekend forecast, posting rain, snow and sleet, we were again looking for favorable streamer lobbing conditions. Saturday morning would give us those conditions with overcast skies, brief periods of drizzle but clearing skies. We would make the best of what we had to work with.

The morning started out with a bang and the first couple of cast producing swash buckling strikes, 
and fish before the bridge, always something that brings a smile to my face. Although not fast an furious, larger than average fish were caught until the clouds burned off and we had some blue skies.
 This would prove for a beautiful float and an opportunity for some nice pictures. 
Although the water was up and pushing almost 750 CFS, the edges were plenty clear, and great for fishing. We should have another week or so, before she goes….
A great day was had on the ditch, and we were off before the second round of rain, wind and sleet.

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