Saturday, June 27, 2015

Falling into Perfect Shape

After a great flush some of our great river sheds are rounding into perfect summer shape, by the time Ms. Floatfisher and I return from rivers far away, our home waters will be in perfect shape.
We look forward to the season know as " silly season" , that short window of time, right after high water, where every fishing in the river is on the feedbag and willing to eat dry flies, especially big
foam gaudy ones.

Arkansas River at Wellsville

The Ark is at 3200 and change and dropping nicely give it another week, it will be still high but really nice for the floating angler, pounding the edges with some large golden stones.

The Colorado is also just a week or so away from being ready, flows are really dropping fast, with the width of this river to disperse the flow, and the flush, there should be some spectacular summer fishing on hand soon. Are you ready.... I am.

Rio Grande River 

Probably pretty damn close , would like to be down there if we did not have a spey casting class 
to attend. Although still slightly high and in the willows, streamers and the nymph rig would wrangle a few, not far away from some green drakes starting to show up.

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