Monday, June 29, 2015

Teaching Old Dogs New Casts

While others might have been out fishing the high country, or floating some of the
waters that are finally coming down , or just having a picnic with the family today.
Mrs. Floatfisher and I thought we would send a fun filled 8 hours in the sun being humbled
and taught the finer skills of Spey Casting by Simon Gawesworth .
 The South Platte in downtown Denver would prove to be an excellent training
ground, with flows that would rival most steelhead rivers. It would give us the perfect
currents to practice our Roll Casts, Snap T's, Single Spey's, Double Spey's and Switch Casts.

 With only 6 students, each would have ample opportunity to be scolded and throttled
like a newly arrived cadet in boot camp. Holy shit, 6 hours of casting and couples hours of classroom
Instruction will plain wear your ass out. 

 Here Simon, works with this "special"student, I think I finally got it after  
couple of smacks to the back of the head. 
All kidding aside, what a fantastic class, more practice while we are floating the Missouri, 
and Colorado this summer, so we are in tune and ready for the Deschutes in September.
Don't want to make a spectacle out of myself.(or anymore of one)
Would highly recommend Simon's class to anyone who needs a touch up or knows nothing about the 
art of casting a two handed rod. He is very patient, and an excellent teacher.

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  1. When fishing the south platte in Denver did you catch an old referidgirator or possible the rear bumper off a 52 chevy?