Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Von Behr Care Package by Abel

Earlier this spring,  I was lucky enough to do some work with Ross Reels and AbelAutomatics with a few of my photo's, and in turn received an extremely nice package of goodies. I am proud to add another fine Abel Von Behr Edition to my line-up of Super N models that we currently own.

Not only only one of the most beautiful reels on the market, they are one of the most durable, and boast one of the stoutest drags on the market. 

Added to the gift box was the schwag of additional hats and t-shirts and the customary 
stickers to adorn the dry boxes, coolers and misc. refrigerators.

If you do not own an Abel Reel give them a look. Especially the customized painted ones, as the 
Mayfly, Skull -n- Cross Bones, Grateful Dead Series-  Dancing Bears or the Derek DeYoung Series.

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