Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wild Hair

Ya know, when you get a wild hair and you just decide to load the boat and go.
We giddy up, we did. Thanks to a great tip from a good buddy who suggested we
head up to 307 country and try some fishing. He mentioned the water should be dropping
and fishing improving.
The Adipose getting broken in on another western river, the we reduced the cost per 
fish just a little bit more. 

 My guide enjoying a cool refreshing PBR after putting client on a nice 
brown trout. Damn Greenies think they can just come up and catch all the fish, well
we didn't but we sure had fun.

After a day on the great day on the river, nothing tastes better than
a couple of ice cold Paco IPA's at the Hotel Wolf. 

 The bug hatches were incredible, with large caddis hatches coming off, some fantastic
PMD's  and some yellow sallies thrown in to the mix. This crazy bastard took a purple chubby
just for shits and grins.

 Back channel fishing was fantastic both Saturday and Sunday mornings before 
the big heat of the day, some nice large rising fish. I love summer.
The river was still a little big and off color, but dropping 200 cvs. daily , this weekend
should be the bomb, wish we could be back to enjoy more.

Saturday night featured on of the best meals we have had in a very long
time. When visiting Saratoga, I would highly recommend eating at Bella's, make sure you
make reservation, hard to get into, unless eating very late. 
All plates were amazing, pasta's out of this world as well as the Wyoming beef, but save room
for some of the absolutely best homemade cheesecake.

We will be back..... Maybe on our way back from Montana

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