Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Turn Back the Clock

Well over a month away from our home ditch and how nice it was to be back home. Quite a 
significant difference from June 15th when we left and saw the water lapping 4200 CFS. and moving 
small house sized trees down the river. 

Scouting the river would show us the new changes to the river channels, the redeposited debris piles, 
the scoured and clean river bottom ready for new bug life. Oh, how nice... 
Figuring there would many private boaters looking to fulfill their need to fish and row, we decided we would float a lower section away from others , so we did not have to share the river. It worked
not another single boat, a private river.

 We invited our good friends Andy and Paul to see a part of the river they had never fished, 
as rapids they would row for the first time. Always fun to see some beady eyes, a little wide 
open, as they hit the wave trains. Rapids always look a little different from water level,
than they do from the scouting level.
 Well I think it has been at least 5 or so years since we have a day like this, not many casts
went without a fish being on the end of the line. A single dry would do the trick most of the day for our boat, but Paul and Andy would fish doubles and do equally as well.

Going small in the soft water with a #16 olive stimulator was deadly. The fish would be sipping and sucking them down with wild abandon. In the heavier water, a Chubby in purple, would be equally as deadly, and not be to tie on to 3X. A one fly kind of day.

Frequent stops were in order to laugh and giggle, occasionally have a shot of fireball, 
and decide which bank to switch things up on. 
Weathered hands tie on another fly from the toothy browns, that were tearing 
the flies.
 Ms. Floatfisher likes fish pictures so she can have pedicures and pretty nails.

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