Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ditch Dreamin'

 Summer time in the Rocky Mountain west, there is nothing better. The wildflowers are in full bloom,
dandelions and sunflowers are gorgeous, grasses and hayfield are tall and flowing. Small streams are gently flowing through the pastures and meadows. 
And the large rivers are F#$%^$ full of fisherman. 

Summer time means constantly finding a new river to float and fish, beautiful sunsets and 
a gin and tonic on evening float.
Once in a while a few pesky trout get in the way of your fly and we have to
catch them, but that is the hazards.

That first morning glimpse of the river always brings a smile to the face,
then it is game on.
Finding a backchannel with rising fish is always an added bonus.
Ditch Dreamin...... Get yourself some.....

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