Sunday, September 13, 2015


Once again we were in town on a Saturday, when the Denver Trout Unlimited Chapter was holding their annual CarpSlam on the South Platte River in downtown Denver.
Always a pretty cool event to witness, as these anglers , who are paired up with 
with some of the states great guides, get out and tangle with the beasts of the South Platte.
Sometimes dodging the submerged shopping carts, tires, dirty syringes and countless other items 
one might find, to fight some truly beautiful fish.

Along with the Carp, trout , walleye and other various fish are often caught.

One thing a bunch of fisherman know how to do is have a little party and listen to little music.
So you guessed it , The CarpSlam AfterParty is alway a good time, a couple of bucks to a good cause gets you all the free craft beer or wine you can drink, a silent auction to knock your socks off, donated by some great folks in the Denver community. 

Never to disappoint, we supported the silent auction by winning a few of the items. 
We have a couple more pieces of Fishpond luggage and the Titan Rod vault, all at a steal.
Thanks for a great time.

If you have never been, reserve a spot and fish for some carp next year, or at least get out 
to the after party. Cheers...........

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