Monday, October 5, 2015

RF & C

October is starting out with a bang, as we were trying to figure out were to take the boat and float, that we had not in while. Although our initial choice, and start to the trip was not a new or different piece of water, by the end of the weekend, we would end up fishing several stretches we have not in several years.

After several calls back and forth with our great shuttle driver, we settled on fishing and floating the lower Colorado River, Silt to Rifle. A fantastic stretch of river, however it can be very temperamental, 
and some would say there are not as many fish, the lower in the river one travels. However, as with many, fewer usually translates in to larger. In addition, you usually leave behind many other fisherman.

Bluebird skys welcomed us, as the weekend forecast was a bit unsettled in several weather forecasts.
Our mind set on throwing streamers as fall brings fiesty browns, and there are some real nice bows down in this section too. 

Check out all the nests, the lower river is a haven for blue herons. In addition, there are several sets of bald eagles that inhabit the river section. Always seem  to be present to watch us fish.
Our trip did not disappoint, other than the fact that the bright sun filled skies put the fish off biting the streamers. They were hungry for our other nymph friends. Both the browns and bows would be fond of the pats rubber legs and soft hackle caddis. Each riffle seemed to yank the indicator down, much to our delight.
Something was going to eat the streamer damn-it!
The second half our our journey would take us to the Roaring Fork river for leisure float and a few fish. I am not sure, but think it has be 5-6 years since we have rowed this river. It is always beautiful, but there seems to be more and more homes along the river, along with all the NO TRESAPSSING, NO ANCORING sign everywhere. While I respect the landowners right to there property, sure detracts from the river, when everyone has to have their gaudy signs posted everywhere. 

How many little little XX's can you count in this picture, pretty ain't it.......

Thanks Colorado for another great weekend on the water.

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