Monday, November 9, 2015

Winding Down

As the season is winding down we are taking the chance to fish every last chance we can. This Sunday was no different, as Mary and I would go off the the beaten path and fish some terrific walk/wade water that is filled with very, very large fish.
From the 6th cast of the day to last cast, many nice fish were caught, including a very nice brook trout.
Check out the spots on the lower jaw, something not seen very much on most trout.
Scenery was stunning along the river, for the first part of November. With temperatures in mid 50's,
fish were more than willing to play all day. 
Fish were active and plentiful in the main river and the side channels. 
Hopefully it was not the last trout day of the year, but if it was, what a great way to go out for the year. Lots of large fish caught........

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