Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ushering Out 2015

Wow, seems as though 2015 just started and now we are ushering it out. How fortunate Mary and I were to enjoy a great year, catching fishing every month of the year. Our first ever, hopefully many more to come, now that the easier years are coming in our life, hopefully to enjoy the warm water species in the colder months of Colorado.

 January and February started out with several small trips to our favorite haunts on the Arkansas River, then culminating in San Diego working the bay with shoot heads and sinking heads fishing for a plethora of small fish. 

April and May would provide some amazing BWO and streamer fishing on both the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers, as water was plentiful due to great late snowpack. 
Mid-summer would take us to the Rio Grande to hoot and holler a little with friends and catch a few the nice brown fish that reside on this side of the state. Certainly a watershed that has a short window to float, but well worth the trip and the beauty factor is a 10.

July would also that us to two weeks "holed" in Montana fishing the Missouri River, fishing those pesky Tricos , PMD's , Caddis and terrestrials. If you have every wanted to find a great place to see 4th of July fireworks, Craig, MT will not disappoint. Needless to say, we are going back this year, what a hoot.....

Dancing in the streets , Fireworks launched off the roof of Headhunters, cocktails at Joe's. Fishing at sun-up, now that is a recipe for FUN.
 The Adipose spent a lot of time on the Colorado River this year, the water and fishing was very good. Streamers, Streamers, Streamers... Did I say Streamers were very good.
 September put us on the Deschutes for our first Spey only trip. Another great trip as both Mary and I were successful in landing several steelhead on the swing. Not bad for a couple of rookies. The camp, food and jet boat trip up the river was great time.

 Proof - 1st steel on the swing.
kuchynkaPHOTO continues to keep me very busy, as year # 2 was a complete success, thanks to great friends to help me out. 
78 fishing days later, the 2015 fishing season has come to an end in Louisiana , with our first trip chasing these beautiful creatures. We are hooked and looking forward to our next trip to the marsh.
I could do this all winter too.

With 7 different State fishing Licenses purchased, 18 different rivers fished, 7 "new" species of fish  
added to our list of fish caught, we say Thank You 2015, what a great year.

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