Saturday, December 5, 2015

Woodland Plantation

There are fishing destination and then there are fishing destinations, the Woodland Plantation does not
disappoint. Planted near ground zero for some of the best Louisiana Red Fishing one can imagine. Hundreds of miles of marsh flats along with the open water just out of Venice.

The Big House is home to nine spectacular room, as well as a great porch for having your favorite cocktail and cigar.
The plantation also has a few of these critters roaming the grounds, nothing you have to worry about,
but pretty neat to see for a boy from the west. A pretty awesome sight to see a bunch  of red beady eyes looking at you in the light of a full moon, not to mention the sign the reads, BEWARE OF SNAKES and GATORS.

All thats missing is a bottle of Balvenie and couple cube of ice. Come on now....

" Spirit Hall" formally St. Patrick's Catholic Church, circa 1883, was moved to Woodland Plantation in 1998 for Someplace, LA, 14 miles south of Woodland and restored into a beautiful dining dining and reception hall. With huge vaulted barrel ceilings, chandeliers and gothic stained windows, mahogany bar with arched panels and Brazilian cherry wood floors, Spirits is truly and exquisite, and soothing and historic building.

The stained glass window in Spirits Hall were amazing, and the glow at night even more amazing.

Spirits Hall, would be the main gathering place for fresh shucked oysters at happy hour, amazing meals that would include rack of lamb, fresh grouper, gumbo's, corn and shrimp chowders.
They even prepared two Thanksgiving Dinner for us, one at 2 PM and 7:30. 
Crazy, amazing food.
" Magnolia Store " cabin sits at the front of the property, and houses three rooms in the front, and
two single rooms in the rear.
Our view many evenings after fishing while enjoying a cigar and scotch.
Farewell Woodland, Thanks for a great trip and memory.

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