Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Date with a HOH

When you have a date with a HOH, the Bogachiel and Sol Duc, to catch a couple steelhead you want to look good for the big day. Well that might be a little far fetched, thing is my feet and crotch were leaking after the last trip to the Deschutes, and one better have your shit in order if your spending the week chasing steelhead on the OP in February. If you have not been there , it is known to rain just a little bit this time of year, and a little chilly with the humidity.

And after spending my time slipping and falling on Deschutes, I want a pair of boots I can keep studs / spikes in full-time. The prince will also have new slippers for the trip. If you have not seen the new Simms Headwater wading boots, they are really nice. Very supportive, but not overly high on the ankle, very wide for the person with a larger foot, but they only go to size 14, surprisingly light weight.

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