Sunday, January 10, 2016

Denver Fly Fishing Show

So Christmas is over, the lights and tree are all stowed away till next year. New Years was celebrated and brought in with the best of them. The first of January alway marks the kick of of the Fly Fishing Shows, starting in Denver. 
Usually the rivers of the west are all ice covered or blowing slushy ice till mid-day, most lodge owners, shops and guides take this time to ski, travel or guide in the warm climates of Mexico, Florida or South America if lucky.
The kick off are the various fly fishing shows, outdoor shows and flyfishing Video tours that make the rounds.

This weekends stroll around the Denver Merchandising Mart was not much different from others, however, the convention center had considerably more vendor booths than prior years. Noticeable, were the amount of manufactures that were present to show there wears and support the shops that were present and selling. Nice to see.

Some of the Vendors and Folks that were impressive to me:

The team from Beulah makes some fantastic fly rods, especially their two handers.
Very much worth of a look and purchase if you are not familiar with them. The staff and ambassadors are top notch.

 You are all aware that I am a "Finatic", so I do not have to tout these reels any, or won't only
have to say they now make custom colors that will match our Adipose. Yes, will be purchasing a new reel to match the boat.

Sight Line Provisions
Made in Texas
The gentleman and company was brand new this year and appeared to be making
a strong impression on the entire group. His booth was crowded every time I walked by and tried to get close, finally when I made it in, I found out ,why all the hubbub. Pretty damn cool leather / metal
fishing jewelry / accessories for both Men and Women. 

There were some "Mega Booths" this year by Trouts, Front Range Anglers and Minturn Anglers,
Partnering with many of the vendors of the show to offer everything under the sun, with some great specials and just gear for sale. 

As Mary and I are gearing up for another trip to chase Steel, we were in the market for some wading boots with studs and Mary needed waders. Usually not the place to walk around and try on waders as the dressing area's and sitting area's are far and few. It is no surprise that women's wader are very uniques, in both fit and sizing. After 8 different pairs, both mens and women's , success was had thanks to the fine owners of Minturn Anglers. My lady is happy and taken care of , I therefore and happy. Mary will be warm as she spends Valentines Day in Forks, WA chasing steel.

The last booth that is present year after year, but always a welcome sight is Enrico Piglisi Products.
I always go on a mini shopping spree at this booth because of the huge selection of these brushes and colors, there are no shops in Colorado that carry them all. It is nice to see the colors and materials.
A couple of new additions to my tying arsenal:
EP Steel Egg - various colors
3" Sparkle Brush
3/4" Shrimp Dubb - various colors
1.5" Senyo Chromatic Brush
1.5" Minnow Head Brush - various colors

Oh, and maybe a trip to Alaska for Steelhead in October, 

Damn Steelhead.........

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  1. How did I not see you? I feel like I was stuck the Beulah booth pretty much the entire show. Bummer but thanks for the shout-out.