Friday, February 26, 2016

OP Steelhead Excursion - A Side Trip

I all our visits to Seattle, we have never made it down to Pikes Market to visit all the 
vendors and see them throw some fish. As usual, it is a sight to be seen at 7:00 am
before the general public is up and going as the rest of the day, it is a goat show, with far too 
many people.

One surprise of our visit to Pike Market were all the flower vendors, and all the 
beautiful tulips and dried flower arrangements. If it were local, Mary would always have 
fresh flowers, as you cannot beat he prices.
Georgetown Brewing is one maker of Manny's Pale Ale, my favorite. We always visit the Cyclops 
Tavern to throw back a drafts. New this time from Georgetown was 1EyePA. Wow, what a terrific specialty IPA , just brewed for Cyclops.
Just a few great shots from the halls of Pike Market, Always like the 
glowing neon in the various locals we visit.
Wow, I wish we had some of these great deals offered too us on a daily basis.
It is amazing to see the hard to find fresh fish just sitting on ice. So fresh,....
So Delicious......

The great wall of gum, so disgusting, but something you must see if down at the market.
an entire wall where folks come from all over the world to depot there ABC gum.
On the rainy day we were their, folks were lined up to take pictures 3 deep, absolutely crazy, for chewed gum....

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