Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The river is a buffet line right now with the sheer number of bugs , emerging, clinging and swimming in the river right now. The buffet of midges, caddis , sow bugs, beatis and stones or the many other critters wondering about, will start to really fatten the fish up. 
To sweeten the kitty the water is borderline for floating at a mere 245CFS, one must be very adept on the oars, to dodge all the rocks, it also helps to have the boat very light , as dragging it places will not be out of the question. Casting way ahead of the boat is a must, as the simple dry, dropper, dropper rig is really working the best. This is putting very little stress on the fish and will allow them to spread all through-out the river as it progressively warms. Looks like its going to be a fantastic April and May of fishing.

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