Monday, April 18, 2016

Storm Trooper

Forecast was calling for "winter storm warnings" for all of Colorado. Estimates for snow were going to be measured in feet, and the totals could be epic. With all the hype, folks would either be set up for  disappointment by the weather forecasters or it would be winter wonderland everywhere. This sounded the a challenge and a photo opportunity for Flatfishes. One that could not be passed up.  
The weather would present terrific conditions to throw meaty streamers and pound the banks and deeper foam pockets, this had my heart in a pitter patter state. With a nice rain the night prior, water levels would be bumped slightly, giving us slightly more water to navigate the rocky, but more technical rapids at low water. 

Fishing would prove to be mediocre, turning many fish, but they seemed to be more interested in chase the streamers than eating. At times the heavy snow fall made visibility difficult in casting and seeing down the river. Although there was not wind, I had never been on the river in such heavy snow fall. The scenery, river, fish and photo opportunities were out of this world.

My wife the Storm Trooper always has a smile on her face, always happy to be on the river.

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