Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guide Duties

Guide Duties - take on a different meaning to everyone. Many of the friends we have made of the years of visiting the great waters of the country, involve the friendships we have developed with our friends and guides we frequently visit and fish with on the river. Many simply love the fish, waters and all things involving fish and people. Many put in long, exhausting days, making sure the boat is clean, lunches are made, water is scouted, and if all goes well, some fish are caught. 
That is catching is great, and we have had some great trips, but we have also had some mediocre fishing and exceptionally fun trips because the guides add the humor, knowledge of the area and relaxation to the day. Far more important the just fish count, well for some, hope your not one of those.....
Find the goods one, treat them well, explore new water, find new ones.
Life is short.

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