Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Little River

Our little river is starting it's slow transformation toward runoff. With recent releases from several of the reservoir upstream combined with increased native inflows from the various feeder creeks, 

Although still very fishable in many of the stretches it seems the fish and fishing is a bit off of it normal "good - excellent" status. Fish are being relocated daily to new holding water, Once soft seams are now fast or roiling waves. Baren shore line is now starting to get covered up, and will become the new summer holding water. This is always welcome sight, as the river needs a flushing 
of silt and mud .
Get you last week or so in, time to explore your favorite still water fisher, ( might consider hiring Larry Friedrich's with Arkanglers ) for some great fishing on Spinney Reservoir. 
or find a tailwater that is not too overly crowded.

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