Monday, June 27, 2016


So timing is everything when it comes to fly fishing , or at least it can be very important when scheduling some of your trips. Tide schedules for when salt water fishing. weather when flying float planes in and around Alaska, and just about anything else that can ruin a well deserved vacation.

After following the flow charts for the past 2-3 weeks and figuring out which river will drop first  to clear and floatable flows, we guessed and watched right. This past weekend we would hope to float and fish the Rio Grande River, and maybe stumble across giant stones and other critters.
 Arriving at 2300 CFS in South Fork, we were alerted that the giant stones were in the area,
but further up the canyon. However, the river corridor was also alive coming alive with caddis, grey drakes, yellow sallies,  and golden stones. It would be unlike any other float that we have witnessed in the past 15 years, because for 20 miles and 7 hours there were blizzard hatches all the down the river or all bugs mentioned.

 Catching and fishing is a blast, but you must stop along the way to have a beer and enjoy the scenery and have a few laughs.

 Many beautiful browns were released through out  the trip, that were absolutely plump and stuffed 
full off bugs.

As always , in the South Fork Valley you must be prepared for  a little afternoon shower,
but that did not stour us from throwing  a few streamers to eager fish.

Rivers coming down, time to get out and fish now.....

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