Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July - Rio Grande Style

Not one wanting to pass up great hatches, we figured we should not let a good thing pass, and make another trip to the Rio Grande for the long weekend, as the previous weekend proved terrific, the water should only clear and drop more, at least that was our thought process.
Our mindset was right, the water would drop all last week to perfect levels, bug activity would stay the same or increase, as you can see with the crazy blizzard hatches of caddis, PMD, yellow sallies, grey drakes and several other bugs. We found the fish feeding squarely on caddis, flies of choice for the days were Blooms Caddis and the Purple Delectable Caddis,  you could throw in a small yellow PMX for fun if wanted.
 The fish on the Rio are hearty, stuffed fat and full of bugs and extremely beautiful. Every size range 
present indicating a very healthy river.

 Several toasts were had along with cigars to enjoy the river and fantastic fishing. 
July and South Fork are hand and hand with afternoon rain showers, but it usually brings on some fantastic hatches following. It did not let us down.

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