Monday, July 25, 2016

Love my Wife

There are rewards to being a reel junky, and liking nice reels. There are also rewards to having a great
wife who understands the passion and joy that a great reel brings to die hard goof ball like me.
After eyeing several of the special edition reel have put out lately, and trying to obtain one of these
back in February when they announced the release of the limited run and stopped cold in my shoes, that all avenues lead to dead-ends when looking to purchase one.

Just so happens there are rewards to taking a weekend away from the ditch and spend with your wife in town. BAM. She treats you to an early amazing birthday present.
I finally got what I wanted, hard to believe, I am spoiled....
Watch for some fantastic photos of fall brown trout and bonefish with this new toy.
I am Grateful "Dead"

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