Monday, August 29, 2016

Kenai Magic

Had the opportunity to do a little work and horse-play in Alaska last week. It is always nice to be summoned to Alaska to work. The town of Soldotna and the Kenai River would be home base for 5-7 days for roughly 80-100 , vendors, employee's and customers , as the Kenai River would play host to
the Annual fishing tournament .
While the tournament is only one day, many of our take advantage of the trip and fishing to spend a few extra days up there doing some ocean fishing for Halibut, fly-outs for trout and char, and river fishing for the sockeyes and silvers.

Although this was the first time picking up a spin / bait casting reel in 20 + years , it would be a great time casting and catching sockeye's, silvers , pinks, dolly varden on these goofy wiggle plugs. With the recent wet weather , the Kenai's water level was much high than normal. 

As for the fishing, this pinks were in thick as this was an "even"year for them, and they would be pesky. The "reds" or sockeyes were at the end of there run and most pretty much turned, and the silvers just starting to enter the system, fresh and ready to tear you up.
Weather was wonderful and the sunrise's were terrific as you can seek. There was no shortage of 12oz barley pops and fireball shots being taken while trolling for these critters, with many more IPA's and scotch had by the fire pit.
Having not been to Alaska for many years, it made year to get Mary up there for a true adventure in to the bush. Maybe next year , the wheels are turning now.

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