Monday, October 10, 2016

Big Ditch, Beautiful Colors

Wanting to see the fall colors in another area of the state, we decided to load our only remaining 
boat and head over to the big irrigation ditch on the west slope. Hearing the fish were chasing moderate sizes streamers from solid sources would have us amped up and ready to pound the rip rap banks. The forecast was not the best as the WeatherUnderground would call for sunny, warm beautiful weather for the weekend ........ Crap

Getting on the road at the crack of early would put us on the river, while we still had plenty of shadows and sunless banks, just what we wanted. The morning would be frosty and cool, starting off in the low 20's, but warming quickly. 
It did not take long for the fish to start keying in on the hearty, flashy meals that would be darting 
in front of them. Normally the fish hold tight to the bank, this day would be slightly different with the fish taking the streamers 10-15 ft. from the band. they made you strip it all the way to the boat, just did not not know when they would hit.
 The Coffee Sparkle Minnow, followed by a small olive bugger would prove to take many fish. You also can never discount the the Dirty Hippy, always a crowd favorite.

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