Friday, October 21, 2016

Ice Hare's Ear Fly Pattern by Fly Fish Food

Ice dubbing strikes again in another fly. Although not a new pattern, it has been around and
tied in so many variations one cannot count. Because I love the characteristics of ice dubbing
this fly is a winner in my book and sure to be a hit.

Ice Hares Ear - Olive Brown
Hook: Daichi 1260 , Sz: 14-16
Bead: 2.8 MM, Black Nickel
Weight: Lead free wire - .015
Thread: 8/0  Black
Tail: Black Pheasant Tail 
Rib: Dyed Pearl Flashabou
Counter Rib: Mono Thread
Thorax and Abdomen: Ice Dubbing- Olive Brown
Wing Case: Fino Skin- Black
Resin: Loon Fluorescing

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