Sunday, October 16, 2016

Providence by Confluence Films

Since we are getting close to winter, it is that time when the fly-fishing movies, fundraisers and winter gatherings start to take place. The kickoff of the season was Providence by Confluence Films, chronicling their expedition back down to the Indian Ocean and atoll of Providence, after it was closed to all tourism and live aboard vessels for 6 years or so due to piracy.

A three day voyage to the fishing grounds from Mehe' , and then ten splendid days of catching fish many of us would and probably will never hear of or see unless on films or magazines.
The setting was magnificent as one could imagine, as they were the only ones out in the entire atoll fishing for GT's, barracudas, groupers, shark, trivially, and many other species of fish.

The movie was fantastic, and since we will be fishing with Jim Klug the producer of the movie in a week or so, it will be very interesting to discuss a couple of items of the movie. 

Here is a short trailer for the movie, check it out, also get out and see it, what else you got to do..


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