Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Special Day on the River

What an incredible fall it is has been fishing and seeing new sights. It seems the weekend activities just do not slow down although the fishing will come to a halting a few weeks after a trip to the Missouri in Montana.

I mentioned a while back that we treated to a special day on the river with noted photographer Josh Duplechian. We would purchase this fantastic donated trip with Josh last winter at the Colorado TU Gala, a great fundraising event. The day would include a all-inclusive day on the river, including a photo essay documenting our fantastic escapade.

As always it was nice to have someone one row Mary and I down the river , allowing the competitive   juices to flow. In addition, Josh would be able to capture us fishing and I did not have to carry the gear. Wow , how nice this was.
Being able to talk camera talk with Josh was great, but still a little over my head, but I learned and absorbed a ton. It would be neat to see the folk rafting, floating and fishing and watching Mary and I fish the Josh taking photos from every angle and position. I am quite sure if they thought where famous or flunkies. 

Josh caught a little of the OCD side of the fly organization, as we were searching for more caddis patterns.
The fall colors and day could not have been more beautiful on the river, however, it may not have been perfect conditions for the fish. Either way we will take it.

The Blooms Caddis was the meal ticket for the day, and many fine browns could not resist.
Mary casting to hundred of rising fish in this fantastic run.

Please visit Josh's website, and if you have have a chance to 
purchase this trip I would highly recommend it.

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