Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Missouri River Escape

Had the opportunity to run up to Montana, visit Adipose Boatworks to discuss work our boat or a trade-in for a new one. Work in progress, more to come in a future post. after a short stop in Helena, it was off to the metropolis of Craig. Late November and fall cast a whole new spell on the small sleepy towns of Wolf Creek, Craig and Cascade. The bubbling summer cabins are now all boarded up , grasses and flowers are now brown, waiting for on-set of a cold wet winter. Main street Craig, still has a truck, tugging a drift boat or two around , but pretty slow durning the week.

A crazy sight , the dam parking lot with just our rig at 9 am. Not a sole in sight, and none coming. We would launch to very hungry fish waiting to scarf sow-bugs and midges. the typical menu in winter months. We would rarely go 100 yes. or so without a bent rod, giggling and smiles were on tap for the day.

I think we counted two other boats that would put on at Wolf Creek Bridge, but never catch us , as we would venture down to Stickney. We would run into a few hearty ladies and fella's throwing their spey rigs. Most were hooked up on our passes by, so I would say they bit was on.
As you can see I did not get the camera out very much on the fish side. The fishing was awfully good and I just wanted to enjoy the last casts and hookup of the season. All the browns and bows were in full colors. The bows had some deep colors on the strip and gill plates, the eating is rich right now.

I thank my great friend Eric Mondragon and his wife April for treating me like a king upon my visit with wonderful meals and great days on river. Thank you for the variety of dries, steamer and nymphing , spectacular.

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