Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fly Fishing Film Tour 17'

The Fly Fishing Tour film wagon drives into Denver this weekend for a couple of shows, just to break up the monotony of winter and work. I am particularly motivated to see Corozan from Off the Grid Studios, as our friend Bryan Gregson did some work on the film, and shared some of the details with Mary and I while in Belize. Sounds like a fantastic story of an amazing person. 

The show will be held downtown at the City Amphitheater , a fantastic venue for these films with ample seating, great screen and good sound. Two shows, 4pm and 7:30 pm. Being the old folks, we like the 4pm show, not as loud and you don't have listen to the want-bee's flyfisherman.
Enjoy, looks like a good line of films.

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