Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Land of Giants

Mary flew up to Montana to visit me and do a little fishing, on the agenda this weekend was a visit 
to the fishery known as the Land of Giants. As short river section between Howser Laker and Holter Lake , roughly 3 miles long, accessed by jet boat from upper Holter Lake.
This section is know for it excessively large fish, that run in from the lake. They would not lie.

 The very short ride up the canyon would provide a pretty , canyon setting, with some 
deer and sheep present. But it was the fishing we where there to experience.
As you can see we had a difficult time getting the camera out as the rod was bent over
most of the time with fish. The average fish of the day just have been 19", with the largest running
24" but several larger lost. . Mary and I have well over 20 doubles throughout the day. Absolutely a tremendous day, set up for us by Headhunters.

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