Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sunday in the Park with Larry

Lady Floatfisher and I had the great forture of spending the day on Spinney Reservoir with our great friend and guide Larry Freidrich's. If you have or have not had the opportunity to fish with this master, either rowing the rapids of the Arkansas River throwing caddis and golden stones, or damsels and callibaetis on Spinney on the nice Lund you are miss something special. The man is dialed.

 My typical night before includes the normal restless, tossing and turning, knowing fishing is on the horizon. Since it has only been two weeks, I wasn't jonesing to bad. Normal one can "bet" the wind will blow in South Park, but not today, Sunshine and warm weather would be our best friends .
Ms. Floatfisher and Master Larry speaking "rainbow" in hopes of the next giant take, well lots of stories and laughs were had, always a gauge to a good day fishing.

 In typical fashion, Mary would be the star all day with her rod bent over and catching the fish, while I could only document the event and take a few photo's. Warm up for Mary included a few browns , in a typical rainbow fishery.
My view most of the day of Mary's rod bent over, and Larry netting fish. Thanks for a great day on the water, learning a new technique, and spending time catching up with my best bud Larry.
Thanks Larry....

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