Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Alway Be Prepared

Photo courtesy Whitewaterphoto.Com
Sometimes anglers like to run stretches of river that offer new and exciting challenges, while other times, weather, high or low water , or even muddy condition down river can create condition that force you into areas you routinely do not fish. I came across this photo last week, that illustrates situations that Mary and I often put ourselves in and don't think anything of it. 
As always we are prepared with all the necessary safety items, throw ropes, PFD's , first aid kits, etc.
but you can see, jut how fast this happens, you rarely have time for any of that, except to make sure your PFD is on secure and tight , as this young lady is going for a swim.

Often times because we never think we never think this will "happen to us"
times in the boat are haphazardly strapped in or sitting loosely in the drop bag, In that case,
river booty will be had for some luck sole down stream. Not sure if the boat flip completely over,
as the guide and rear angler are trying to "high side and save the situation. but in any case, you can see the angler tackle is probably lost, or at least broken in this case.

The key part and most important in to get to safety , the boat and fishing gear can be replaced.
your life can't. Treat the water and rivers with respect.

(in this case you have a high skilled water water and fishing boatsman , who hit the wrong path
causing an abrupt end to the day. Thankfully every one was OK, other than a little pride and bumps and bangs in the swim.

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