Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Helpful Hints with Warming Water Conditions

Tips for Flyfishing in Drought Conditions

Carry a thermometer and net at all times
Use heavier tippet and land fish as quickly as possible
Do not take fish out of water for any reason (don't need grip and grins of 14" fish)
Use barbless hooks
Fish Early, Check temperatures at noon, stop if above 67 degrees
Give your favorite spots or stretches a rest

As the Colorado water flows continue to drop and warm daily, these are some wonderful tips that
I borrowed from Vail Valley Anglers. An early start is imperative if fishing currently, along with barbless hooks and for god sakes, stop with grip and grins for the time being, and keep the fish in the water. we have seen plenty of 14-18" fish squeezed and long-armed to fill a thousand albums, leave them in the net and WET.
If you care for the fish, heed the creed...

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