Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Camera for the Floatfisher

The Floatfisher family invested in a new camera to capture our adventures this summer and beyond. Although I learned today I have a lot to learn ( I mean a lot), I am excited to study and learn this new hobby. We scrapped up the pennies, dimes and quarters, knocked the neighborhood kids off their bikes and took their money, traded in Mary's aluminum beer can fund and sold off my prized butterfly collection. And, oh yea, I only have one kidney now.

We also got a nice macro lens to go with it to shot flies and other neat close shots. Can't wait to start shooting thing. Guess I have to start by reading the manual and figure out how the camera works. Holy schmoly are there a lot of settings and buttons. As mentioned, gotta a lot to learn. Well thats what the non fishing time and winter is for....

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