Sunday, June 5, 2011

Next Trip- Smith River, MT

Now that runoff in Colorado is in full force, Floatfisher will turn to preparing for the next adventure. The next adventure will take us back for our 6th trip down the majestic Smith River canyon. As with the rest of west, we must wait a couple of weeks for the water to subside and trees to quit floating. I am hoping for slightly lower water and sunny weather. As with all Smith River trips, we prepare for weather and enjoy the inspiring canyon that will take us in for 5 days. The fishing will only be a bonus.  Can't wait to see the old familiar campsites, and see some new ones. Meet new friends and see old ones.

In addition, we will be visiting the river a differant time of year than normal, hoping to wear only shorts and teva's, not enduring the normal 18-30" of snow that we plan for. Either way we will have a great time. Time to start gathering gear and getting any new items needed.

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