Sunday, September 8, 2013

CarpSlam 7

Spent our Saturday attending the 7th Annual Carp Slam in downtown Denver put on by the Denver Trout Unlimited Chapter # 128.  Ms. Floatfisher and I decided to find a couple of beats and see if we could find the particpants, amatures and pros trying to catch these crazy fish. 
There would be two sessions a morning and afternoon, with 13 or so beats chosen at random
We scouted out one of the northern beats, where the pro was decked out in total "camo" as the fish were  spooky and hard to find. Lots of miles were put on by the contestants to find the fish.

Can you spot him in the bush.
At the top try trying to pick out another fly, while he is on break. The two contestants take turns fishing for 30 minutes for the first 2 hours and the last hour they both get to fish.

Each group has an official to measure fish and keep time throughout the day
Scouting carp high from the bank, often times you will spook them from this far up.
Crouching Tiger

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