Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CarpSlam AfterParty Part 2

Well, since we were in town we decided and we were following a bunch of crazy fisherman trying to catch the wily carp, we might as well go and hang with them at the CarpSlam 7 Afterparty. A good time would be had with a $25 cover for all the wine and beer one could drink, throw in a great bbq chicken and pulled pork dinner, well you got a great start to a Saturday night.

Oh, did I mention that a great local band Ethyl and the Regular were the background music.. Score.
If you have been around, you have heard them play many of your favorite places in the state.

Always a sucker for great pieces of art, Floatfisher has two new piece for the home and office.
If you have not heard of Scott Wells, you need too. These are true pieces of art. Not to mention the steal of price we walked away with it for. Thanks Scott.

We also ended up with a Copi Vojta photo print, again at a steal. You can't pass these up.
Fishpond was key sponsor of the night and donated may pieces , could not pass up a deal on a new roller bag, ended up  with this and new purse and bag for the Mrs, from LilyPond. All in all, a great night for a great cause.

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