Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fishing With my Good Friend Amy

Was jonesen to fish something fierce after a somewhat long layoff, and today it happened. The trend is your friend when the graph looks steady like this, it means the edges are clearing, fish are on the edges and looking up and hungry. 

In typical fashion, the alarm rang, boat and rods where ready, all that had to be done was the shuttle,
can you you say done by 7 am. BAM, on the water throwing our good friend Mr. Sculpzilla, a fish chasing on the third cast the morning would be epic.

Rowed out of the good streamer water to the even better slow dry fly water, switch rods and boom cast # 1 is a fish. Or lady friend Amy showed up to with game. It was back and forth for 8 miles, lots of fish to the boat, silly season is upon us.

However, river is very pushy, you must be very careful if floating lots of new debris and obstacles in the river. A new season always brings fun.

All this and it is not even noon. We can do an evening float.

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