Friday, June 27, 2014

Toys R Us

It is time for the summer fishing season to kick it in to full throttle. Figured it was time to get a few new 
toys for the toy box as it has been while. It's time to get the yacht on the water and fish, and quite jaw jackin' about it .
 I have always been a pretty loyal Smith / Action Optics fan, but after a few recent disappointments
I have decided I would give the crew at Costa Del Mar a try. With a wide variety of frames and lenses, they cover the whole gamet of fishing. Have had them out on the water a few times and really like them. Costa "Squall" Model.

 Added our 4th Hatch step child to the family this weekend, in preparation for our October steelhead trip, we will throw a spey line on this bad boy and also be used for tarpon next year. I am always thinking ahead. 

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  1. Sweet! Where are you guys off to steelhead fishing in October?