Sunday, July 6, 2014

8000 Miles and Still Smiling

You would thing after logging some 8000 miles of floating and fishing as recreational flyfisherman (not guiding) you would tire of your favorite river. No way! It is crazy to think one of the busiest holiday weekends of the season, and we had the entire river to ourselves, nary another boat on any of the sections we floated any of the four days, pure pleasure.
 Weather was terrific, as morning treated us to beautiful sunrises and great fishing.
 New places were found and full of fish. They were very fond of grape slush.

Launching the boat at 5:15 for the superb streamer bite offered some nice sights and summer colors.
Did I mention the Streamer Bite, Oh yeah, worth getting up and throwing them. Early bird gets the worm. Late risers get to fish with the guide boats and rafters.

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