Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SSS- Super Summer Seven

Tying or buying flies to stock your fly boxes for your summer and fall trips should include
some of Floatfisher's favorites. I really have not found to many rivers in the western United States
these will not draw a strike or catch a nice fish.

 Jack Dennis- Amy's Ant
(Colors- Chartreuse, Red)
 Jay Zimmerman's- Clown Shoe PMD
 Charlie Craven's - Dirty Hippy Brown Trout
Freshly off the cover of FlyFisherman
 Greg Garcia's- Mini Hot
(Colors- Tan, Yellow, Purple)
 Mike Mercer's - Missing Link
(Colors- Green Drake, Tan)
 Doug Swisher's- Parachute PMX
(Colors- Royal, Orange, Yellow, Peacock)
Doug McKnight- Sweetgrass Hopper

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