Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hat On
A distinguishing trait amongst all fly fisherman. It seems no matter where you travel, every fisherman must identify themselves by wearing some type of fishing hat or clothing. It got me thinking of all the crazy hats sitting on the hooks and shelves of the house and what the mean or have meant over the time.
Some symbolize a trips taken, some symbolize your dedication to a brand or product line, some support a charity or cause, some are just plain cool. Many gain character over the time with sweat stains, flies. They become your good luck charm on trips. Some are driving caps on trips, some are "dress" hats for evening dinners on the river. What ever the reason, they are your hats and they are your favorites.
Looking up the definition of character, I thought it fit perfect, why we pick and choose the headwear we do.
  1. The combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or thing
  2. One such distinguishing quality

Stonefly Inn- Very Lucky fishing hat
SCOF - Good Luck Cap
Duffy Waldorf Edition- Cutthroat Anglers

Charlies Flybox 10th Anniversary
Pimpin' It- so soft and comfy.

Lucky 406/ PBR Cap
Rocky Mountain Bonefish Tournament
Clarksfork River Watershed Entomology Fundraiser
Old School Simms
Yellowstone Angler

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